About Us

Welcome to Valdez Restaurant’s Official Website!

We are a restaurant specializing in Latin cuisine and has been serving the people of Tempe AZ since 1995.

The restaurant was started by the patriarch of the Valdez family – Romeo Valdez. He was an immigrant looking for a source of income for their family. Although he started as an assistant cook at one of the local restaurants back then, having his own was not far away from his mind. He always had this dream of introducing the delicious Latin cuisine to the people in the United States. He wants them to know its wonders and to be more familiar about its rich culture through the flavor incorporated in every dishes he creates. Although there were already restaurants and stalls selling Latin food like the popular tacos, burritos, and empanadas, he believes that there are still a lot more recipes he could introduce and that the people would love.

In 1995, his dreams came to fruition. Although it was only small and could seat not more than 20 people, he established his very own restaurant. Instead of hiring staff, this became a family business wherein every member that is of age took a role. Because of their hard work, it took only a year before they were able to expand. They grew leaps and bounds from there even needing to hire more staff so that they can accommodate the demand. Their menu grew as well and the family even included crafted beers into their specialties.

To date, Valdez Restaurant has already become an icon when it comes to everything Latin in Tempe AZ. It is sought-after not only by locals but by tourists alike. Your journey to Tempe or its nearby areas is not complete without coming to this restaurant. This is a highly recommended dining place.