Latino Street Foods Ready for You

Have you been craving Latin food lately? Do you want to once again try those Latin street foods you have tasted back when you were traveling around Latin American countries? If yes, then you are lucky these Latin specialties managed to find their way towards you. Now, you do not anymore need to set your feet outside Tempe, AZ because the foods you are craving the most are already here, just a few minutes away from your homes. You can head out straight here anytime after you have your garage door replacement in Tempe AZ.

There is a certain appeal in having a taste of the exquisite cuisine of the Latinos. Empanadas, chorizos, tacos, Tlayudas con carne – admit it, the names alone already have a unique ring to it. When pronounced, they even come sexy rolling out of your tongue. With every single taste, you cannot help but imagine all those beautiful, old, and rustic buildings that you could find in these countries. Every bite would give you a taste of their colorful culture and traditions. As you cherish the flavors coming from an assortment of spices, you can just see the beautiful Latinos and Latinas smiling at you.

Valdez Restaurant will give you this kind of experience here in Tempe. We specialized in creating sumptuous Latin dishes to your liking. With our head cook, Mr. Ronaldo Valdez being a Latino himself, we guarantee you that we serve nothing less than authentic. Even the music that flows here all day and all night are authentic Latin music. You cannot help but dance to its inviting beat every single time. Although there are some spices that we specially import from Mexico and Peru, all of our other ingredients are produced locally. We made sure that we are only going to outsource our ingredients from local farms to maintain their freshness. They are even personally handpicked and every single piece of vegetable we include are guaranteed organic. Some people may see many of our dishes here as greasy, but we always make sure that it is not as unhealthy as it sounds. We use pure olive oil in cooking.

Aside from our beautiful and delicious dishes, we also have an assortment of booze that we are proud of. We sell here pure crafted brews that come in a variety of flavors you would enjoy. We also have the usual beers you can get from your convenience store. Also, different cocktail drinks are being made here by our talented bartenders. Watch them flip some bottles for your entertainment as you sit on one of our comfy bar chairs. Every Fridays and Saturdays, you’d be happy to know that we feature here live music from local and aspiring artists and band groups. This makes it a perfect hangout after a long day at work.

Valdez Restaurant is your next-door provider of every Latin in Tempe AZ. If you enjoy the culture of the people from the Latin states, then this is something that you would enjoy. Why not make this a venue for your next date night to try out the place yourself?