Hi there, valued customers! In hopes to serve you better, we have collected here commonly asked questions by our guests who frequent on this website. May this serve as your guide in knowing more about the products and services we offer and in getting to know more about the Valdez Restaurant. If you have questions that are not answered here, then feel free to email us. We also regularly update this depending on the inflow of inquiries so be sure to always check it out.


Do you have function rooms here where events could be celebrated?

Yes, we do. It is our latest addition here at our restaurant. We have 3 function rooms available that can seat 30 to 40 people. These are soundproof rooms where you can celebrate any events you may have such as birthdays, anniversaries, and company events. We also have pre-set packages you could choose from for these events. You can contact us so you could check it out or simply just drop by to our store so that you could be assisted by our representatives.


Can we make a reservation online?

We do allow reservations online. However, we are strict when it comes to following the time of our guests’ arrival. Failure to claim your reserved seats 10 minutes after the allotted time for you would forfeit your reservations to those who are on the waitlist so be sure to arrive on or before then.


Do you deliver?

We do deliver in places around Tempe. We do not deliver outside though. We do not have the facility for the latter yet but we are already doing our best to address this.


How can we pay for our orders online?

You can pay cash upon delivery or you could also pay via PayPal. We also accept payments through major credit card companies like Visa and Master Card.