Mary Jane, 27

I never really fancy Latin food. I have something against the way they smell. They are not really disgusting per se but the strong smell is not at all appealing to me. That is why I was hesitant when my boyfriend brought me to Valdez Restaurant. The smell was still overwhelming but that time my hunger weighed more. When I had my first taste of that beef thing they served, oh my. It was really to die for. Super loved how the flavor danced in my taste buds. I even love how instagrammable it is. When I posted it in my social media account, my friends also got interested. Don’t try this if you do not want to get addicted because I guarantee you that you’d keep coming back for more.


Kris, 29

I like everything about this place. It looks fancy without being clinical. It gives off a homey feel. The music is exquisite as well. It was sad that they do not have a dance floor because many people always seem to want to dance after they consumed a booze or two. The music here is very inviting especially during Fridays and Saturdays when they feature live bands. I think one of the things Valdez Restaurant needs to improve is the size of their place. They really need an upgrade, especially if since more and more visitors come to this place on a regular basis.


Errol, 21

The crafted beers beings old here taste really good. I had the chance to speak with one of the family members of the Valdez clan when my friends and I had dinner there a few weeks back. I learned that they produce their own brews which are really impressive. This is a place one should not miss while in Tempe. The ambiance is really good and the food as well.